How brand identification can be possible due to web design ?

My first job was from the beginning of 3721 sales in the Internet real-name of the first month to get the best newcomer. Thereafter in 3721, another 3721 agents engaged in search of life led by the manager of the Shenzhen market sales team. Since then switch to translate, and then comeback in the search engine marketing industry, Web Application Development make this so-called SEO, started behind the technology make product planning.

In many different roles, large and small, my favorite is still selling. Because sales of the most challenging and rewarding. Customers receive the recognition likened to a rank up more interesting!I remember one night just to make sales soon, Shenzhen under the storm, from the customer out there, I Lin Zhaoyu. But I think that night very wonderful, because when I leave the customer, the customer said to me:. You’re the best salesman I’ve ever seen because you are now the first truly consider our people.

Also since then, all of them asked me why I was able performance so good, I almost always these few simple words:. Always stand on the customer’s perspective to think, if you are not willing to accept the program, do not to the customer. “,” to help customers save money, the most valuable solutions to customers, rather than the most expensive program. “,” meet the customer’s purpose is to pass your ideas, so that customers agree with your man. signing customers only I agree with your idea and your affiliate products after.

Since the transition back career orientation, except with the clerk or the newcomers to visit some of our customers, the most recent year basic rarely used alone to meet with clients a. Former guarding boring computer every day, a little miss sales day, I miss those burning passion. Alibaba, China’s largest B2B website in China portal group, it should be said that the most radical activists imposed by the SEO.

The process of web designing can go on in flexible manner due to what reason ?

After Google’s patent application, explicitly mentioned even considering the link anchor text and link to the file, as well as search engines need to address important issues, and that is from a link different files have different weights . You can not expect a link on the link and a small town in Africa from the White House Web site on a student’s personal Web site, the same vote value. Google’s patent application which gives details on how to calculate the importance of this indicator, they named PageRank.

Alternative calculate PageRank calculations require multiple cycles, in order to get the final result of PR approximate values. For now all search engine performance point of view, to be sure these two technologies have been used in the ranking algorithm, although probably not the same name. Particularly evident that, although Google has been to PR for banner, rarely introduce their other techniques.

But nearly two years, Google algorithms in the analysis of the links, anchor text analysis, Responsive Web Design stem technology more and more attention. This analysis is done entirely for technical problems revealed by two patent applications on who should and who, who who is inspired by, and so on, has no intention comment. Most people search engine optimization still unfamiliar with this concept, may name is now very popular, but it is probably very few people can understand more clearly. Even a lot of people have a great search engine optimization misunderstanding .

So, take over and deal with search engine optimization projects, they often have a lot of troubles. In the beginning of the exchange and the customer, when 90 percent of cases are the first to be SEO basics literacy. Some customers thinking more open, more able to accept. Some customers already have set their minds but his own ideas, it is difficult to change. Even confirmed the project, start doing the real work after optimization, is also often encounter problems, here and everyone distress.

In what way confusion can be cleared out in the process of web development ?

In your product or service is really helpful to customers under the premise of how to find a virus infectivity user is a very critical issue. These users are in certain influential circles inside, and happy to spread the word, once he likes your product or service, he will affect a large group of people.

For example, I wrote a blog in the first three or four days, when it accidentally appeared a very contagious virus readers Liu Huanbin , through his circle, he put my blog to tell a lot of people. Static Website Design word of mouth is not the speed and intensity for page optimization can be achieved, and this word of mouth, in turn, promote search engine optimization ranking.

Google themselves say these backlinks is not accurate, update the schedule, only they know, the reverse link to the page in the order listed there is no law. So no need to work on the reverse link, should not be subject to Google backlink query. Google returns a year or two back links are more than PR4 page, but recently returned backlinks Google basically without any rules. Importance of a page , PR value, are not law, returned only a small part of the real presence of backlinks. MSN backlinks returned to relatively accurate than Google, but basically there is not much use.

All other product like Microsoft, are there constantly upgrade changes. Although it is not accurate, but still have some reference value. While MSN backlinks order listed basically in accordance with the importance of backlinks to order. If you look at the front 100 backlinks and the first 100 to the first 200 backlinks, this trend is even more obvious. “All do SEO people are sure to inquire from time to time a page or a domain name of backlinks , not just your own website, also check the competitor’s site.

Web development process need what management functions ?

With Yahoo! Explorer to check if there are a large number of backlinks obvious forum, blog, guestbook spam links, this is not a good sign. At Google, Yahoo, Baidu Indexed pages to check whether there is a lot of supplementary materials . For example, the bottom of the home page is not a lot of links , these links if you also happen to be in the same IP address, even explain the problem.

web design

Another example page title length, is not the browser did not display the entire title bar End. It is the accumulation of a lot of people’s favorite place keywords in general, 20-30 word is enough. Press Ctrl A to Custom Web Design select all the content on the page, this is not the time to see did not see before Select tex. Look at the CSS file has not put the text size is set to zero, on the invisible layer, or on the position of the screen can not be displayed.

There are a lot of question marks with many sites URL, but included in wondering why things are bad. Sometimes will find the same company name, phone number will appear on more than one site, go look at the content on these sites, even exactly the same. Although the search engine ranking technology has been improving, but I believe that all search engines are more or less manual intervention, even if all the most advertised in algorithms and automated targeting Google, there are certainly artifacts.

Last year, it had been reported , Google in many countries to recruit university students to evaluate the work of the search engine results. A professor from his students there got the information, which includes Google distributed to these students evaluation criteria, as well as some evaluation system demonstration. The effect that these students in a single interface, see the two results of a particular search, and then give an opinion, which one is better, still the same.

With whom the website design process should get conducted?

Results Jump transmission link effect, this is not particular to what a president ready pages, search “miserable failure” when lined up first. Google made this adjustment in the Business Analytic future, most of Google bombs phenomenon disappeared. In January 2007, Google made a correction algorithm to prevent the occurrence of Google bomb. Google did not make a specific algorithm for interpretation, it is not possible to explain, as it relates to the Google algorithm very central part. As we all know, the link is one of the most important Google ranking factors. Search for “miserable failure” when the White House website has been found. It is noteworthy that after the Google algorithm changes, this negative nature of the bomb disappeared.

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In these days when Google search “failure”, the White House this page again lined up first, but this time the White House asked for. This would have been the failure of the word unrelated pages, all of a sudden become relevant, prevention Google bomb algorithm stalled. Google bomb is not only exists in Google, you go to Yahoo search miserable failure, until now, the White House web page or in the first row. So although called Google bomb, but in fact now Google has been modified, but Yahoo did not modify. Today Posts pause, busy preparing for a very important document, released tomorrow.

SEO expert interview series has just completed the first chapter. Some issues are more sensitive, Matt Cutts also very busy, so it took a relatively long time. Currently in China there are a lot of misconceptions of SEO. Some people hear the SEO’s first thought was “rubbish. “From a search engine point of view, this is true? For Google, SEO is annoying, allowed, or encouraged.

The fact is that to follow Google’s quality guidelines (quality guidelines) of SEO is OK. This includes the like to ensure that your site can crawl, will come up when people search using the words and these words naturally contained in the site content, so that the page title and URL descriptive like.